Because our place sits in front of Mancora's surf point, the entire family of Las Olas surf.

We can provide surf or kitesurf lessons with experienced teachers.

We organize surf trips to nearby beaches and we can help you in everything you need to get good waves here in northern Peru.

Here at Mancora you may find waves all year round. Mancora get both south, west and north swells in summer. In addition to Mancora, there are a lot of surf oints near (within 1hr30 car) that may or may not work depending on the direction of the flood conditions, etc ..

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Since a few years ago the waves of Mancora are getting more and more guests who practice kitesurf.
Today is one of the venues of kiters from around the world who prefer Las Olas by its proximity to the point of Mancora and also by having facilities for kite equipment. Without going any further, the owner of Las Olas practice kite surfing.
The best time here in Mancora for kitesurfing are among the months of May to December.
Rental and sale of equipment, in addition to lessons with teachers, downwinds, kite trips and much more here at Las Olas Kite Club.

Foto Las Olas Foto Las Olas Foto Las Olas